Michael Horton in his book, Christless Christianity says “It is not incidental, then, that this story of redemption is called Good News. If it were merely information or a program for self-improvement, it would be called something else, like good advice or a good idea or good enlightenment. But its Good News because it is an announcement of something that someone else has already achieved for us.”

That is in fact what we are all about at Flatirons, announcing good news. We are not saying week after week, here are some pointers for life. We are pointing to Jesus and saying, “here is life!”. There is a big difference. There are so many dimensions to this good news, its as Paul said, its a path beyond tracing out (Romans 11:33-36). This past weekend Jim announced the good news that the Holy Spirit is our counselor, not in the sense of giving advice but in the sense of coming along side of us. In other words the Spirit doesn’t shout advice from the shore when we are caught in the middle of a storm, the Spirit comes alongside of us in the middle of the storm, and tows us to shore. That’s good news!

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