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As we dive into our new series, “there’s an app for that”, I thought it would be helpful to provide some background information on the book of Proverbs. Every week in this series we will learn and hopefully apply a different Proverb. Proverbs is grouped in the old testament books of wisdom between Psalms and Ecclesiastes. Most of Proverbs was written by Solomon but there are portions written by other lesser known authors as well. These proverbs or sayings of the wise were put together intentionally to teach the young (although the wisdom applies to those of any age) short, memorable and applicable truths. In fact the book of Proverbs was intended to be memorized! We will aim at a verse a week for now. However it might be incredibly helpful to read through the book of Proverbs while we are working through this series over this next month. For those of you who did the Bible reading challenge and read through the book of Luke this will be a great next step. For those of you who didn’t do the Bible reading challenge this will be a great place to start.

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