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Around the world many things are broken. Our vision at flatirons is "To bring the awesome life of Christ to a lost and broken world." As followers of Christ, it is one of our tasks to share the love God has for us with words and with our actions. We know that the needs in this world can, at times, be overwhelming. However, we must not let this sense of being overwhelmed drive us to despair. Rather it must drive us to engage. At flatirons we have chosen to engage with the world by developing a limited number of deep and meaningful relationships with organizations based on the following principles:

  • Shared Values
  • Focus on community-owned, sustainable models
  • A mutual desire for close involvement
  • Alignment of our giftedness as a church with opportunities and passions
  • A strong sense of stewardship

Our desire is to partner with like-minded organizations in order to be used by God in His work of transforming lives... including our own. It is our hope to develop partnerships in which we are:

"...delighted to share with you not only the Gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us." 1 Thessalonians 2:8.



mexico city

ConeXion Mosaico

At the end of 2009, flatirons entered into a partnership with an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that works in slum communities in and around Mexico City. The ConeXion Mosaico team has worked with community leaders to develop a number of initiatives aimed at effectively transforming life in the slums of Mexico City.  While all these initiatives are aimed at the communities where they work, each initiative is being carefully evaluated and documented in order to develop templates that can be effectively used to transform slums around the world.

Download the ConeXion Mosaico Portfolio. (pdf)

For more information, email missions@flatironschurch.com or call the church office at 303-664-5524.





Flatirons has been in partnership with an organization called iEmpathize (iE) since it first formed in 2009. iE’s main focus is the eradication of sex trafficking and child sex exploitation.  The organization is global in nature but based locally in Boulder, Colorado.  iE hosts many events in our local community that provide ways for people to engage with their work.  Flatirons has sent teams in the past to come alongside iE in their work to end sex trafficking and aid in the recovery of victims in Mexico City, specifically.  Flatirons also hosts a group called Friends of iEmpathize, for individuals who have the desire to partner with the organization on a more long-term basis.

For information about iEmpathize and how to help, visit iempathize.org

For trip opportunities check here.

For more information, email missions@flatironschurch.com or call the church office at 303-664-5524.



cmf globalscope


Globalscope is designed to transform the world’s university students through authentic and relevant campus ministries. Young men and women who have the desire to invest their lives in connecting this generation with God serve as Globalscope international campus ministers, creating dynamic Christian communities on university campuses around the world. The Merge Young Adult Ministry at Flatirons works closely with Globalscope to provide short-term trip opportunities to visit those various ministries. There are also many opportunities to serve as a missionary while getting school credit through internships and exchange student programs at Globalscope groups around the world in England, Scotland, Thailand, Chile, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay, and Australia.

For more information, contact Jordan Terrell, Young Adults Pastor, at




August 15 – December 12, 2016

Perspectives is a 15 week course that flatirons has hosted in the past.  The course examines the big picture of what God has been doing over the past thousands of years. But it is much more than that. The course is also designed to help us find our place in the Story God has been writing – really to help us get closer to seeing things from God’s perspective and joining with Him where He is at work.

The next Perspectives class will be at hosted at flatirons in Fall 2016. Please visit HERE for more information and to register for the course.

For more information, email missions@flatironschurch.com or call Darin Locke, the Perspectives coordinator, at (303) 437-4435.



Outside the Walls

You have heard about flatirons people serving in our community and around the world and maybe you wondered why we do that or how to get involved? Jim Burgen explains why we move outside the walls of flatirons, Ron Barnes shares about our involvement with international partners and Andy Wineman details our involvement with local community partners. Watch Jim's video above.

More Video from Outside the Walls

Andy Wineman - Local Community Partners (watch video here)

Ron Barnes - International Community Partners (watch video here)



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Musana Community Development Organization

Beginning in November, 2011 flatirons entered into a partnership with Musana Community Development Organization in Iganga, Uganda. Musana is a multi-faceted organization that started as an orphanage and has now grown into a full-fledged community development organization.  In addition to the school at Musana, there is a fish project, dairy farm, chicken farm, craft and micro-lending projects, as well as various agricultural projects.  Musana also runs a local café, managed and employed by Ugandans.  The organization is focused in the direction of 100% sustainability, where all funding is locally generated and injected back into the community.  Musana is not just providing education and a loving home for vulnerable children it’s impacting a community for generations to come.

For more information, email missions@flatironschurch.com or call the church office at 303-664-5524.



Life in Abundance International
In the spring of 2012, flatirons entered in a partnership with Life in Abundance International (LIA) in South Sudan.  LIA works in several East African countries, each with a customized focus for local ownership of initiatives.  In South Sudan, there are critical needs related to the ending of civil war and becoming a new nation. There is very little infrastructure such as roads, schools, and healthcare and the systems to put these things in place.  The communities in which we work are incredibly remote and very hard to reach, limiting our ability for direct involvement.  We look forward to learning and growing together with the people of South Sudan as we continue to understand God’s Truth and Grace.

For more information, email missions@flatironschurch.com or call the church office at 303-664-5524.



Sozo International

Since 2007, flatirons has been in partnership with an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) called Sozo International, focusing most of its attention on community development in Afghanistan. Sozo works to create on transformational and sustainable solutions through initiatives in health care, education, and economic development. Flatirons has helped fund three key infrastructures in a new community made up of around 4,000 former IDPs (Internally Displaced People): a school, a clinic, and a water system that provides safe drinking water. Flatirons also helps to support education for children and other vulnerable people in the capitol city of Afghanistan.

For more information, email missions@flatironschurch.com or call the church office at 303-664-5524.