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Foster Care Awareness Month

We Can All Help

Colorado alone has over 4,000 kids and youth in foster care. Kids in foster care need families, and those families need support. Regardless of your situation or life stage, we all have a role we can play.

The three biggest ways to make a difference: Become a foster family, support a foster family, or join a business and community network that offers discounts and resources to foster families.

BecomE a Foster Family with

Colorado Kids Belong. 

Colorado Kids Belong believes that there is a family for every child.

When a child is removed from his or her family due to abandonment, abuse, or neglect, a foster family stands in the gap until the child and family can be reunified. 

They are working to recruit and retain enough foster parents to ensure every Colorado child can count on a safe, supportive place to belong. 

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Connect with a local network

Connect with the Foster Friendly app, where local businesses and organizations can provide discounts, services, and resources to foster and kinship families.

Foster Friendly App


Support a Foster Family through Rise

Rise exists to support foster and adoptive families to see every child rise to their full potential.

Rise does this through relational support like encouraging notes, coffee dates, listening, sending funny gifs, and simply stepping into relationships with those who have said yes. They also use practical support like meals, babysitting for a date night, cleaning, and laundry.

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