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Kids - Moses' Big Adventure With God

PRESCHOOL - God Speaks from a Burning Bush - Week 2

August 11-12, 2018 |

Preschoolers will hear about Moses’ Big Adventure with God in this four-week video series. They will learn that God was always with Moses and is always with them, too.


How did God speak to Moses?

(in a burning bush)


“God is with you wherever you go,” Joshua 1:9.



Who was talking to Moses through the burning bush? (God)

Did Moses do what God said? (Yes.)

Who was with Moses and who is always with you? (God)


Read: Exodus 3

When God told Moses that he’d chosen him to rescue his people from oppression and pain, Moses tried to reason with God and gave him a list of all the reasons he was unqualified and unable. Don’t we all feel like that? When God asks us to do something, it stirs up our deepest insecurities and we meet God with stubborn excuses and try and convince him we’re unqualified. But that is exactly why God chose Moses, and that is exactly why he chooses us. God is in the business of using unqualified, unlikely people to carry out his plan.

God is bigger than our weaknesses. Moses explained his insecurities and shortcomings to God as if God didn’t know. God chose Moses anyway. We can be confident that if God calls us to something, he will give us what we need to carry out his call. God is not up in heaven saying, “Oh no! You’re right, I didn’t think about how you’re not very good at that. Guess I’ll find someone else.” No! Instead, God says something more like, “I know you’re not good at that. That’s the point. I want to show you how strong I AM.” Because it is precisely in our weakness where he is strongest. Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 12:9, that God told him: “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

God’s plan is not dependent on our response or attitude when he calls us to do something. Moses’ stubbornness did not change God’s mind. While our resistant hearts may sometimes cause us more pain and frustration than simply saying yes in obedience, we can be confident that God is gracious, and he will still work out his plan. He does not give up on us. God did not give up on Moses, and even though Moses’ persistent refusal actually caused God frustration, he still provided Aaron to help cover Moses’ weaknesses and give him confidence.

We are just like Moses: ordinary, unqualified, and terrified of our own weaknesses. But God. God is present in our lives, and he makes us holy, capable, and ready for the specific thing he has called us to do. Moses was enough because God was enough for him. God is enough for us, too.

When have you responded to God’s call with stubbornness or objection? Have you ever told God you feel unqualified?

Ask God to show you his strength through your weaknesses this week. What might that look like?


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