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3 O'Clock Wake Up Call

3 O'Clock Wake Up Call

    A partnership between Flatirons Community Church and The 3 O'Clock Wake Up Call is bringing our community of women an amazing faith study! 

    In this 7-session study, you will dig deep into God’s Word to help you identify and overcome the obstacles holding you back. With encouragement through raw vulnerability and a healthy dose of humor, Biblical truths and challenging questions will equip you to take your next step of resilient faith.
    Take Jesus’ hands and learn from Him. He’s your trusted and confident guide. He will lead you through tough terrain and call you to overcome obstacles holding you back from God’s great plan for your life.

    Step by step you will be overcoming…
    Negativity with Faith
    Comparison with Gratitude
    Shame with Love
    Unforgiveness with Prayer
    Worry & Control with Trust
    Fear with Peace

    You may sign up to attend the study in-person at Flatirons Community Church (400 W South Boulder Rd, Lafayette, CO) in the West End Auditorium OR via livestream.  


    Praise & Worship Kick Off – Thursday, September 23, 2021

    7 Week Study – September 29 – November 11

    Wednesdays 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM (begins September 29)


    Thursdays 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM (begins September 30)

    You will receive a workbook at the Praise & Worship Kick Off or it will be mailed if you are signed up for the livestream option.

    After September 1st, the price per person will be $39.

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