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Church planting is in our DNA. Flatirons started as a new church plant over 30 years ago and we're now partnering with like-minded planters who want to reach people in a lost and broken world.

Why Church Planting?

Fuel the movement 

The earliest church leaders started new churches in new cities and empowered new and younger leaders. We want to do the same. Flatirons believe church planting will launch new, gifted leaders who can contextualize their ministry to the city they live in, with the same purpose of reaching a lost and broken world. Church planting is one of the first and most important things the earliest followers of Jesus did. The early churches planted across the Mediterranean helped fuel the movement that is still alive and strong 2,000 years later.

Flatirons Church Planter Residency

Are you called to lead? We are looking all over the country to find planters who want to start churches with a DNA like Flatirons, and we want to invest in future church leaders. 
We're excited to announce that Flatirons Church is offering a Church Planter Residency. Designed to equip future church leaders with in-depth leadership training, hands-on ministry experiences, and a deep dive into Flatirons' culture and values. Interested in shaping the future?
Let's Chat! 

God Is On The Move In Colorado

We want to see healthy churches take shape on the Front Range of Colorado. This is why we’ve partnered with The Front Range Church Planting Network to make that happen. Learn More about the Front Range Church Planting Network.

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Church Planting FAQ's

Can Flatirons start a new church in my city?

We get this one a lot. We’d love to! But we are not targeting specific cities as much as seeking the right leaders. If we find or develop a great leader planting in your city, we’re ALL in!

What is the goal of the Flatirons Church Planting Network?

We want to partner with Jesus in His mission to save the world and believe in the local church. We hope to help start 30 churches with a Flatirons DNA by 2033.

What is the difference between a Flatirons Campus and a Church Plant?

Our campuses are an extension site of Flatirons and share the same staff, governance, budget, and mission. A campus is part of one church, just in many locations. But a church plant is autonomous, with its own leadership and decision-making structure. Flatirons' selected church plants will share the DNA of Flatirons and receive support but are not part of Flatirons Church.

How does the Flatirons Church Planting Network help church planters?

We are helping our planters in three ways. We help planters learn and implement the DNA of what we’ve learned over the last 30 years. We encourage those who watch and participate in Flatirons online to join the launch team of a plant. And we help support them financially to help them launch.


I’m a part of Flatirons Church and want to help. How can I do that?

We need and appreciate your help! There are several ways to jump in. 

  • Skills - Maybe you're an excellent accountant, graphic designer, marketing expert, attorney, financial advisor, or something else! Feel free to reach out to our planters directly to see if your skill matches their current needs.
  • Give - You can always give a gift to Flatirons that helps us fuel this network. You can do that HERE.
  • Launch Team - If a Flatirons church plant is starting near you, or if you're ready to take a leap of faith and move to a city where a plant is starting. Joining the launch team is a huge help. Just contact the planter to let them know!
  • Prayer - this isn't just lip service. These planters and their families need prayer. Planting is one of the most difficult things a pastor can do. The ups and downs will be plentiful and sometimes painful. Your prayers are very much needed.
I’m a planter and want to be considered for the Network. How do I do that?

We'd love to hear from you! Send us your resume, the city you're planting in, and the anticipated timeline, as well as other affiliations, if any (churches, denominations or networks supporting you). Ready to get started?  Click Here.