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Sunday: 9, 11 AM, & 6:30PM

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The Denver Campus launched on September 6, 2015 out of the Paramount Theatre in downtown Denver. On December 11, 2016, they moved into their permanent location just south of downtown.

Stefan Guzowski

I first started coming to Flatirons when a coworker invited me in 2008 but it was a trip to Afghanistan that changed my life forever. After an internship here where I met my wife, Mollie, I came on staff in January 2014. We have two twin babies, Bear and Elliot, and my "little brother" from Big Brothers Big Sisters just graduated high school. I love Denver and our relentless pursuit to reach this community and tell them about Jesus' love.


Events @ Denver Campus

February 9, 2023
Pancake Breakfast
February 19, 2023