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We hire people who are seeking to grow relationally, spiritually, and professionally through a variety of jobs that make Flatirons Church who we are. We are creators, pastors, leaders, designers, visionaries, helpers - collaborating together to build a "me too" culture that inspires others to follow this man we call Jesus. 

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Creative Director · Full-Time · View job description and apply through this link.



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The Flatirons Internship is an 11 month, full-time training program for individuals between 18 and 26-years-old who are seeking a career in ministry. Our interns receive mentorship and coaching directly from staff, and they are trained to become the kinds of leaders who can make a difference in churches all around the world. Internships are available in a variety of departments:


Flatirons is one church made up of multiple campuses. Get hands-on experience in the day-to-day tasks that keep these campuses running. You may even get the opportunity to help launch the next campus!


Like what you see online? The Communications Team puts it there! If you're interested in social media, photography, all things digital, or how to use your skills to market the Church, this is the team for you!


Create the content and visuals that Flatirons relies on. Whether your skills rest in Design or Video, this team has a spot for you! A portfolio is required to apply.


We like to say that we learn in rows and grow in circles. Help create the environments that makes those circles happen and invest in our growing strong leaders through our groups.

Guest Services

This is the first impression of Flatirons! Our Guest Services interns help cover everything from parking, lobby logistics, communion, and all of the crucial jobs to help make the weekend happen.

Kids Ministry

As the most utilized ministry, this internship is more than just playing with the most adorable kids! Learn what it takes to support the weekend program while juggling leaders, curriculum, and much more.


We have partnerships locally and abroad! If you want to help coorinate trips and cultivate relationships with our different partners, we need your help! Learn what goes into international missions and how it impacts us right here at home.


If you want to help produce what all of Flatirons sees, both online and at our campuses, the Production Team makes it happen. Learn how to produce a weekend experience, program lights, mix audio, and keep us all up and running.

Student Ministry

We like to say that our Student Ministry interns have the most fun. Come find out for yourself!


Worship is so much more than what you see on stage! Hone your on-stage skills as much as off-stage through volunteer development, how to plan a weekend, and how to lead better as a worship leader. Video samples are required to apply.