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Mid-Term and Long-Term Global Outreach

Have you ever considered serving globally or being a “missionary” but you're not sure what that would look like or where to start? We've set up Pathways to equip, inspire, and support you while you explore your next steps.



Who is this for?

Everyone. Married, single, divorced, families with kids, 18-100+ years old. Pathways is designed to equip you to know God more and how we can join what He is doing all over the world.

How long is the program?

The program is à la carte, so you can choose the resources that fit your situation best. Each small group session is 12 weeks long. If you would like to complete the entire program and applications to become a Flatirons Field Worker, it will take approximately 3 years.

Can I be married?

Yes! There are options for single people, married couples, and families.

What about kids?

We get it. The idea of moving across the world with a few kids in tow is daunting! We can help walk you through some options both here and abroad that take your entire family into account.



1 Month - 2 Years
Intern for 1-6 Months



Life in Abundance

Study Abroad


Serve as a Missions Mentor

Email Ashley Wallace

Join a Ministry Staff

Urban Mosaic


Volunteer Stateside with a Flatirons Partner

Email Us 

Help Send a Missionary ("Field Worker") by Joining Their Care Team

Contact Ashley Wallace


2+ Years
Start taking steps on the Global Outreach Pathway.
Join the Global Outreach Engage Group. 
Go on a 1-2 Week Vision Trip to see what real life on the field looks like and to consider if God is leading you to go somewhere mid or longterm.
Apply for the Global Outreach Launch Group (must have completed the Engage Small Group prior to applying).
Join a ministry staff for 2+ years.
Help launch a new ministry for 5+ years.


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