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What to expect

We are a church meeting in multiple locations in the Denver-Boulder area, online, and around the world. You'll find a group of people that may look a little rough around the edges but expect to be welcomed and comfortable. We call ourselves a "me too" community and hope that you feel right at home. 

Our Beliefs


Where do I get my membership card?

We don't have any. We're not really into adding names to lists, so if you'd like to be a member, congratulations! You're in! 

What should I wear?

We don't have a dress code. If you're wearing jeans, hats, or an old beer shirt, you'll fit right in. Get ready for some very opinionated sports enthusiasts if you decide to pick a team, though. 

What's the music like?

Our bands rock (we're a little biased)! It'll be upbeat and probably louder than you expected but earplugs are available at the doors. You'll hear a few worship songs during the service and even maybe a cover tune so feel free to sing along or participate however you feel most comfortable. Lyrics will be on the screens.

I'm LGBTQ. Can I come?

Yes! While Biblical Authority is one of our values, we think you'll find that we're not a community that throws stones. It's our hope that you feel welcome and comfortable when you step through our doors. 

Are dogs allowed?

We welcome service dogs with proper certifications, but even our lead pastor, Jim, has to leave his furry friends at home.

What time should I show up?

Click on a campus below to get more information on service times and directions. We recommend getting here about 10 minutes early to grab some coffee and find a seat. If you have kids, allow a little more time to check them in.