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NextGen Counseling Reimbursement

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE YOU APPLY FOR a nextgen counseling Reimbursement

Our Benevolence Program is biblically-based on 1 Timothy 5.

To be considered for a counseling reimbursement we ask that you:
  • Have been attending a Flatirons campus for at least the past six months
  • Are active as a volunteer at Flatirons, have kids in our kids ministry program, or actively participating in one of Flatirons’ ministries:
    • Kids Ministry
    • Middle School Ministry
    • High School Ministry
    • Volunteering
    • Small-Group
    • Other
  • To be used for bills related to counseling for NextGen elementary age to age 25

  • 12 sessions - cap

  • Funds reimbursed for 90% of your counseling cost

  • Checks will be made out to the person presenting their paid bill

Processing takes approximately 7-10 business days.

You will be notified concerning your request. If you are not approved and/or need further assistance, we would be glad to provide you with contact information for community resources.


Return completed Benevolence Application Form to the Flatirons office

• Fax 720-729-7148

• In person at 400 W. South Boulder Rd, Suite 1700, Lafayette

• Email