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Sozo Men’s Team 2019

November 11 - November 19, 2019


Trip Leaders: Bob Tunnell and Dan Foote
Team Size: 10

Trip Details

Flatirons is sending a team of Men to Afghanistan to partner with Sozo International.  The purpose of this trip is to continue to strengthen the bond between Flatirons and Sozo by visiting the school, clinic, and communities Sozo is impacting.  Trip participants should be willing to interact and engage in conversation with Afghans, be committed to the vision of Flatirons, and be good team players in participating in whatever activity Sozo may ask.  For more information about Sozo visit their website.

E-mail missions@flatironschurch.com with any questions.

Training Schedule

All meetings are a mandatory expectation when committing to a team. Meeting locations are held at Flatirons Offices in Lafayette unless otherwise noted.

  • Application Deadline: Thursday, July 25 (1:00 PM)
  • Interviews: Thursday, August 1 (late afternoon and evening time slots)
  • First Team Meeting: Tuesday, August 6 (6:30-8:30 PM)
  • Team Service Day: Tuesday, September 24 (Contact leads for time and location) 
  • Team Training Day: Saturday, October 5 (8:00 AM-2:00 PM)
  • Departure Meeting: Wednesday, November 6 (6:30-8:30 PM)
  • Trip Dates: Saturday, November 10-Tuesday, November 19
  • Debrief Meeting: Monday, November 25 (6:30-8:30 PM)
  • Next Steps 1: Monday, December 9 (6:30-8:30 PM)
  • Next Steps 2: Monday, February 3, 2020 (6:30-8:30 PM)
  • Next Steps 3: Monday, May 4, 2020 (6:30-8:30 PM)






  • Signup for Sozo’s e-newsletter: sozointernational.org (link at page bottom)
  • Follow Sozo on FacebookInstagram and Twitter
  • Set a recurring calendar appointment as a reminder to pray regularly for Sozo
  • Post a map or picture in a place to remind you to pray for Sozo
  • As you get to know more about Sozo, consider picking out a few things or people to specifically and consistently pray for


  • Make a general one-time or ongoing donation to Sozo online.
  • Make a donation to provide support to one of Sozo’s initiatives: sozointernational.org, click on Initiatives (Education, Economic, Healthcare, Family Outreach)
  • Donate your gently used laptops to Sozo for use in the school and training center.
  • If you are part of a small group that would like to engage with one of our programs or families on a regular basis – info@sozointernational.org
  • Get to know Afghans who have moved here and build a relationship with them
  • Raise awareness with your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers about Sozo and host an event to share about what Sozo is doing in New York and Afghanistan – contact:  info@sozointernational.org
  • Upcoming Sozo events will be announced via their newsletter – invite friends and family to come to those with you


  • Apply to go on a short-term team from Flatirons.