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Kids - Super Friends Squad

Boaz Helps Ruth and Naomi - Week 2

September 14-15, 2019 |

Super Friend Angie will share stories about four different Bible characters who were super friends because they helped others. Preschoolers will see that they can be super friends who help others, too.



“Help each other with your troubles,” Galatians 6:2.


Who was a super friend in the story today? (Boaz)
What made Boaz a super friend? (He told Ruth she could come gather grain whenever she wanted, and he gave her food and water.)
What is one way you can be a super friend? 


Read: Ruth 2

Boaz was moved by Ruth’s loyalty to Naomi. He noticed her character. He told Ruth to stay in his fields where he could watch over her and instructed his harvesters to intentionally drop wheat for her. Boaz was a man of character. He was also a relative of Naomi’s dead husband. This made him a kinsman redeemer for Naomi and Ruth which had the potential to change everything.

A kinsman redeemer was obligated to marry his dead relative’s widow and father a son with her to carry on the family name. He was also obligated to buy the family’s land to continue to provide for the family. In other words, widows had a biblical right to protection provided by the kinsman redeemer.

Boaz promised Ruth that he would protect her, but he also knew she wasn’t his for the taking. There was a closer relative. But ultimately, we find out that this relative couldn’t take on the role of kinsman redeemer, so Boaz stepped in. Ruth and Boaz trusted God. They acted out of God’s best for them. They married. They had a son. And that son had a son whose name was David, the bloodline through which came Jesus, the kinsman redeemer for you, me, and the entire world.

The story of Ruth is a story for all of us. If we ever think we can’t be used by God, we have to rethink. God used two widows and a farmer in a small village to set forth his plan of redemption for the whole world. John Piper describes the story this way:

It’s a story for people who wonder where God is when one tragedy after another attacks their faith. It’s a story for people who wonder whether a life of integrity in tough times is worth it. It’s a story for people who can’t imagine that anything great could come from their ordinary lives of faith. In other words, it’s a story for people like us.

Do you believe God can use your faithfulness? How?

Think of something you are facing. Ask God to reveal what his best might be in the circumstance. Ask him to empower your faith and to bless you in your faithfulness.


Q. How was Ruth a super friend?

A. She moved with Naomi and took care of her.

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