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Kids - Spooky Weekend with Brenna and Dillon

Change (Elementary) - Week 1

October 3-4, 2020 |

This five-part series (focusing on the Holy Spirit) will teach kids life lessons about change, questioning, identity, fear, and community all through the fun lens of fall and the things that are a part of this season.

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Story activity

Time to head outside! For your activity, gather your friends and family for a nature walk. Take a stroll outside and see all the changes that come with the season of fall. Look at the trees, grass, and all the pumpkins!


  1. What happened to God’s followers when Jesus went back to heaven? (The Holy Spirit came to help them.)
  2. How did the Holy Spirit help the church when big changes were happening? (The Holy Spirit helped them understand each other and know what to do next.)
  3. What are some changes you have seen happen in your own life? How do they make you feel? (Take responses, giving a personal example if need be.)
  4. How is God with us when there are big changes happening? (Take responses.)


Who did God send to help us figure out what is true?


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