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Kids - Christmas

Christmas - Nov. & Dec.

November - December, 2020 |

Christmas is a video teaching that looks at how God showed his love to everyone by sending his son Jesus to earth. Toddlers learn through repetition, with a program designed to be taught for two months. The video program includes sing-along worship and an animated Bible story with narration.



God loved the world so much, he gave his only son,” John 3:16.


SUPPLIES: nativity set, toy angel, stuffed sheep, paper star


PDF: Story Pictures



  • If you don’t have supplies for See and Share, then use the story picture PDFs.
  • Take items out one at a time and hold them up for your child to see (or swipe through PDFs on your phone).
  • Read each section and do the actions.


  1. Angel: (Take out the barn in nativity set. Put the barn in front of you. Hold up angel above the barn.) God sent an angel to tell Mary she would have baby Jesus. Can you pretend to fly like an angel? (Flap arms.)
  2. Barn Animals: (Put Mary and Joseph in the barn.) Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem. They stayed in a barn with animals. (Hold up the different barn animals one at a time while asking the questions.) What animal is this? What does this animal say?
  3. Baby: (Let your child hild baby Jesus.) God’s son Jesus was born. Can you rock baby Jesus?(Put baby Jesus in the barn.)
  4. Sheep: (Hold up stuffed sheep.) Some shepherds watching their sheep came to see baby Jesus. Can you pat the soft sheep? What does a sheep say?
  5. Star: God put a special star in the sky and the wise men followed it to Jesus. (Hold up paper star. Put the 3 wise men on the near the barn.)Can you point to the star? Blink your eyes like a twinkling star?

Read: Luke 2:1-51, John 3:16-17

Christmas changed everything. The beautiful truth in Christmas is that God came to us.

He loved us deeply, from the beginning, but we were separated from him by our sin. Our mistakes disconnected us from God, because he is set apart; holy. So, from the beginning—Eve’s first bite of fruit and forward, God had a plan to show us that he still loved us, and would come to us to reconnect.

God coming to us is unique. It separates God from any other god in any other religion. God made the first move, because he knew we couldn’t. He saw that we were hopelessly headed towards death because of sin, and he came down to us to bring us back to him.

It’s difficult to always believe that God is loving toward us. Our limited view of our lives can stretch us to doubt that. We can see him as apathetic toward us, or capricious. In our guilt and shame, we can project hatred onto him. We can get caught in wrong thinking and believe we are working our way toward God’s perfection, or love.

But Christmas reveals God’s heart. It shows us his unconditional love for us. It fulfills his plan to rescue us from our sin, to restore us to connection with him by redeeming us through Jesus. He sent his only Son into our mess to save us. He was showing us his great love. He came to us.

That’s Christmas. That’s love. That’s hope. That’s the news a weary world needs to hear.

“But when the set time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those under the law, so that we might receive adoption as sons,” Galatians 4:4-5.

Knowing that God came to you, instead of the other way around, what does that change about who you think God is? Are there any ways you’re trying to work your way towards God?

In what ways are you living out of the love God showed you in sending Jesus? How can you share from that love this season?


Who does God love?

God loves me.

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