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Saturday: 5 PM
9 & 11 AM

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Kids - Spooky Weekend with Brenna and Dillon

Community (Elementary) - Week 5

October 31 & November 1, 2020 |

This five-part series (focusing on the Holy Spirit) will teach kids life lessons about change, questioning, identity, fear, and community all through the fun lens of fall and the things that are a part of this season.

Friend around the world: Lifeline Christian mission - https://www.lifeline.org/


email your questions, story activities, photos and videos Brenna and Dillon:


Story activity

Life is better when we live with other people. Just like how it's better to finish a puzzle when you have all the pieces! So, ask a family member to help you print out this make-your-own puzzle. Draw and color something you love, then cut out the pieces and put it all together!


  1. Who did Paul write letters to? (His friends from all the churches he visited.)
  2. Why were these letters important? (The letters encouraged his friends and helped them learn and grow.)
  3. Why are friends and family important? (Take responses)
  4. How can we be the best friends we can to people? (Take responses)


Why are friends and family helpful?


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