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Compelling Vision - Week 1

February 14, 2021 | By Ben Foote

Your life is telling a story… but is it a compelling story?


  1. “Good Grace” by Joel Houston, Hillsong UNITED
    Available on “People (Live)” by Hillsong UNITED
  2. “Promises”by Mavrick City
    Available on “Maverick City Vol.3 Part 1” from Mavrick City Music
  3. “God of Revival” by Bethel Music
    Available on “Revivals In The Air” from Bethel Music
  4. “Death Was Arrested” by North Point Worship
    Available on “Death Was Arrested (feat. Seth Condrey) – Single” from North Point Worship


  1. If your funeral were held today, what would people say about how you lived your life?
  2. How do you want to be remembered?
  3. Read John 4:9. The Samaritan woman allowed her social status as a Samaritan and a woman cause her to think she was unworthy of Jesus’ time. What about your status in the world (financial, gender, age, level of authority, etc.) do you let disqualify you from certain things in life?
  4. Read John 4:!7-18. The Samaritan woman also allowed her numerous broken relationships to define her and cause her to hide from others in her community. What negative events from your past do you hide from others and allow to define your story?
  5. The Samaritan woman had settled for a life of shame avoidance and finding her identity in empty relationships. What are you settling for in your story?
  6. What do you hope whatever it is you are settling for will bring you?
  7. What, and/or who, really matters to you in your life?
  8. How might having a compelling vision statement for your life help in cultivating what really
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