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Courageous Action - Week 3

February 28, 2021 | By Jim Burgen

Our lives will never really change for the better unless we take our compelling vision and relentless conviction and put them into action.


  1. “Great Things” by Phil Wickham, Jonas Myrin  
    Available on “Living Hope” by Phil Wickham Music
  2. “Living Hope” by Phil Wickham, Brian Johnson
    Available on “Living Hope” by Phil Wickham Music
  3. “Already Won” by Flatirons Music


  1. Read John 10:10-15. Then, read Psalm 23. What parallels do you recognize between these two passages?
  2. Read Jeremiah 33:6-9. It is often said that the overall purpose of our lives is to bring glory to God. How does God providing us an abundant life glorify Him?
  3. Read James 1:12. Last week we looked at this verse in terms of temptation. Now let’s look at it in terms of “getting punched in the mouth” in life. How do the trials we go through in life help us to have a more abundant life?
  4. Think of someone you know or know of that you consider having an abundant life. What trials or obstacles did they have to overcome in their lives?
  5. What trials or obstacles are you currently facing in your own life? 
  6. Read James 1:22-24. What parts of your life fit into the description here? In other words, what are the areas of your life that you have trouble applying what the Bible says?
  7. How does what you are doing differ from what the Bible says?
  8. Read the next verse, James 1:25. What might be the benefit to your life if you apply what the Bible says to this area of your life?


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