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Dead Wrong - Karl Romeus

May 15, 2022 |

Join us as Karl, our next-gen executive pastor, unpacks how we are never too far gone that Jesus can't make a difference. 


  1. “We Praise You” by Bethel Music and Brandon Lake
    Available on "Revival's In The Air" from Bethel Music

  2. “God So Loved” by Hillsong Worship
    Available on "There is More" from Hillsong Church

  3. “Highest Praise” by Flatirons Music


  1. Together, read Mark 5:35-43. List at least three questions that come to mind when you read this

  2. Why did Jesus say the little girl was only “asleep” (verse 39)?

  3. When reflecting on Jesus calling the sick woman ‘Daughter’, Pastor Karl noted, “Satan knows your name but calls you by your sin. Jesus knows your sin but calls you by your name.” What does he mean by this?

  4. Think of a time when you called on God as a last resort - after having tried everything else. What might have been different if you’d called on Him first?
    ○ What challenges might have you avoided?
    ○ How might the outcome have been better?

  5. Think about the miracles of Jesus as an anticipation of God’s future kingdom. In what ways does this
    bring us hope?

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