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Student Series - Eating With Jesus

Eating With Jesus - Week 2

March 20, 2022 | By Student Ministry

Group Overview

Today we want students to discuss the example that Jesus has left us on hanging out with sinners, outsiders and letting these people know they are loved no matter what. Picking up on conversation - encourage students to go out of their way to love everyone this week.


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Ice Breaker

What is your favorite midnight snack?

Discussion Questions

  1. Read a different account of this same story: Mark 2:13-17 What details does Mark give about this story that Matthew leaves out?  
  2. Read Matthew 9:12-13. What did Jesus mean about healthy and sick people?  
  3. Do you relate more with the Pharisees in the story who were trying to stick to the rules and keep people accountable, or with Jesus who was trying to reach out to broken people? Why?   
  4. There are many accounts of Jesus trying to reach out to sinners and other people whom we might see as questionable. Why is it important for us to do the same?


Make sure to take note on what your students say and pray for them as a group.

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