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Kids - Panic Button

ELEMENTARY - Panic Button - Week 1

January 5-6, 2019 |

Through panicky stage games and video teaching, this four-week series looks at Bible stories about times when people panicked, and Jesus brought peace. Kids will see that when we’re worried, we can go to Jesus because he is in control; he is God! He created the universe! What sort of problem couldn’t he solve?


How did Jesus help at the wedding?


"Come to me, all who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest," Matthew 11:28.


    1. What bad thing happened at the wedding that made people panic? (They ran out of wine.)
    2. What did Jesus do to help? (Jesus turned water to wine.)
    3. Why can we go to Jesus when we’re panicked, worried, or stressed out? (Jesus is in control. He tells us that when we come to him with our worries he will give us rest.)
    4. What are some things you have worried about, or are currently worried about? (Discuss.)


Read: John 2:1-11

For the couple who’d just gotten married, running out of wine at their wedding would’ve been an enormous embarrassment. Maybe this was why Jesus’ mom was so panicked. At first glance, Jesus seemed reluctant to listen to her, and yet, he intentionally chose to make this family wedding the backdrop for his first miracle.

Jesus cared about the honor and dignity of the newlyweds, and this miracle proves that. But on a much bigger scale, this first miracle of Jesus announces who he is. Often in the Bible, wine is a symbol of God’s blessing, joy, and life in his kingdom. Any kind of cheap wine would’ve been satisfying and exactly what the wedding guests were accustomed to at the end of a long celebration. And yet Jesus chose instead to turn the water into fine wine – the best wine. Jesus was declaring himself to be the ultimate symbol of God’s blessing, joy, and life; and he came to bring the blessing found in the kingdom of God to everyone, starting tangibly with the guests at this small-town wedding feast.

We spend a lot of our lives panicking, striving, and settling for our own version of cheap wine. But all the while, Jesus is right here with us offering us a life lived with him—the finest wine of abundant life. We just have to choose to drink it.

In what ways might you be panicking, striving, or settling for “cheap wine”?

What are some tangible ways you drink in the “fine wine” Jesus offers you?

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