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Kids - Thurman is Brave

Esther and the King - Week 4

November 23-24, 2019 |

Kids will meet Thurman the scaredy cat in this four-week video series, and hear how God helped people in the Bible to be brave when they were facing scary things.



“Be strong and brave. God is with you wherever you go,” Joshua 1:9.

  1. How was Queen Esther brave? (She went to talk to the king.)
  2. Who helps you be brave? (God)
  3. How can God help you be brave (in the dark, when you're scared, etc.)? (Discuss. Share examples from your own life.)

Read Esther 1-9

When King Xerxes needed a new queen, he chose Esther. In an instant, an orphaned, young, Jewish woman became a powerful influence over all the land. Only God could have uniquely positioned Esther like this. God was taking a step to protect the Jews long before the king had even appointed the man named Haman, who would order their annihilation. Amazing.

Esther wasn’t the only person uniquely positioned in this story. Mordecai was uniquely positioned in Esther’s life. Even when she went to live in the palace, he continued to watch over her from the king’s gate. Esther respected him and listened to him. When word got out about the coming persecution of the Jews, Mordecai went to Esther for help. Mordecai tells her in Esther 4:14 that she may have been positioned as queen “for such a time as this.”

Esther could’ve chosen to play it safe and do nothing. But the fate of her people was at stake. God made her brave. Esther’s brave obedience restored life and joy to all of God’s people. She literally saved a nation.

We have all been entrusted with a part of God’s kingdom. And like Queen Esther, we have influence in our kingdom “for such a time as this.” With God’s strength, we too can bravely obey God and use our position to influence others for good.

Where in your life is God using you to be a good influence?

Where do you need to be brave and obedient?


Q. How was Esther brave?

A. She went to talk to the king.

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