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Saturday: 5 PM
9 & 11 AM

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Kids - Spooky Weekend with Brenna and Dillon

Fear (Elementary) - Week 4

October 24-25, 2020 |

This five-part series (focusing on the Holy Spirit) will teach kids life lessons about change, questioning, identity, fear, and community all through the fun lens of fall and the things that are a part of this season.

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email your questions, story activities, photos and videos Brenna and Dillon:


Story activity

For the activity this week, we'd like you to face a scary situation by doing a blindfold taste test! Gather your friends and family for this great game. One person will close their eyes or be blindfolded while another person gets a piece of food or a drink. The blindfolded person must eat or drink the mysterious item and guess what it is. Have fun!


  1. What scary things happened to Paul? (He was in a shipwreck, he was bitten by a snake, he was beaten up, he was imprisoned multiple times.)
  2. How did God help Paul in all of those scary situations? (Paul had the Holy Spirit, God was with Paul, God gave Paul courage, God gave Paul wisdom, etc.)
  3. What are some things you are scared of? (Take responses)
  4. How can God help us when we are scared? (Take responses, giving a personal example if need be.)


Who is there to help us when we are afraid?
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