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Once Upon a Christmas

Fear Not - Week 2

December 11, 2022 | By Aaron Brockett

Anyone else feel a little extra stressed during the Holidays? Well in case you didn't know, you're not alone in that one at all. Join us this Sunday as Aaron Brockett teaches us a practical message about what the Bible says about dealing with anxiety and stress.


Hark The Herald Angels Sing By Felix Mendelssohn and Charles Wesley 

House of the Lord By Phil Wickham Available on the "House of the Lord" from Phil Wickham

O Come All Ye Faithful (His Name Shake BE) JD Myers and Kristian Stanfill Available on " Hope Has A Name" From Passion

 Deliverer By North Point Worship Available on "Our God Will See Us Through (Live)" from Centricity Music


// Bible References

Lamentations 3:2-5, 17-18,21-24 Philippians 4:6-9, Matthew 6:27, Psalms 42:5

// Community Question

Sometimes there is a stigma around mental health and anxiety even though some of the Bible’s most famous prophets (Jeremiah) dealt with it. Why do you think that’s true?

// Discussion Questions

1. Worry is born out of asking ourselves what will happen, what will people think, and will I be ok? With worry we can still take action to mitigate it. Share some of your worries with the group you could benefit from either sharing or use help solving.

2. Anxiety is nonspecific, out of control worry. How does this make anxiety toxic in our lives?

3. Read Philippians 4:6, Paul says “don’t worry”, which means don’t dwell on the worry and re direct it. According to this passage, how can we re-direct worry before it becomes out of control and turns into anxiety?

4. Read Matthew 6:27. Sometimes we subconsciously think that if we worry today, we can have peace tomorrow. How does the previous verse counter that?

5. Read Philippians 4:6-7 Paul is telling us that the way we experience peace is by telling God what we need and thanking Him for what He has done. Share some ways we are thankful today for what God has done.

6. Read Psalm 42:5 Worry is trying to put in the I can in what should go into the God can and it doesn’t fit, the result is anxiety. What are some areas in our lives that we need to turn over to God today?

// Challenge:

(Ref Lamentation 3:21-24) Anxiety and Depression are a tunnel not a pit. God will walk us through it and even out of it oftentimes by using fellow believers to come alongside us. What are some ways that God might be asking us to help others dealing with anxiety and depression? Or, if God is prompting us to reach out for help, can we make a commitment to reaching out for help this week?

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