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Kids - Light Show

Gabriel Appears to Mary - Week 2

December 12, 2021 | By Kids Ministry


For many of us, Christmas lights are the best and brightest part of Christmas celebrations. It doesn’t matter if it’s the high-rises in the big city or houses lining Main Street; when the lights come out, it’s a wonderland! People celebrate big at Christmas because there’s Someone big to celebrate: Jesus!

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Bible verse

weekly cues - activities at home!


  1. Who was in our story? (Angel, Mary, Joseph)
  2. What happened in our story? (Help the kids recap)
  3. Who was Jesus? (God’s plan to save the world)
  4. Who always has a plan? (God)
  5. Why can we trust God’s plan? (We can trust God, he saved us, and is always there, discuss.)


Q. Who has God always planned would save the world?

A. Jesus

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