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Kids - The Creation Factory

God Made the Lands, Plants, and Trees - Week 3

June 15-16, 2019 |

The Creation Factory is a four-week video series where kids will see the story of creation come to life. They will watch as God creates the sky, land, and oceans and fills them with all kinds of living things. They will learn that God created the heavens and the earth.



“God created the heavens and the earth,” Genesis 1:1. 


What things did God make on the land? (He made trees, bushes, mountains, etc.)

What is your favorite thing God made on the land? (Take responses.)

Who created the heavens and the earth? (God created the heavens and the earth.)


Read: Genesis 1:9-13

On the third day of creation, God created the land. This is the beginning of the earth that we know; the earth with oceans, seas, mountains, hillsides, grass, and trees. This was the day that God created the mountainsides from which Jesus taught thousands of people. This was the day God made Mount Sinai, the mountain where he would give Moses the Ten Commandments. This was the day God created the bush that would burn because of his power and spirit. And it was through this bush he would teach Moses that he has big plans for even the least-qualified. This was also the day God created the tree Zacchaeus would climb up into, so he could see and meet Jesus; so that his stingy, mean heart would be forever changed into one that would be generous and loving. On this day God created the Garden of Eden and the tree that would set the stage for the first sin, which would set in motion God’s plan to rescue us and bring us close to him all over again. 

Next time you look at mountains, oceans, or trees, think about the bigness of God. His hands that crafted mountain ranges, forests, and crashing waves, also care about your heart.

How does the earth remind you of God?

Has God ever revealed something true to you through his physical creation?


Q. What did God create in today's Bible story?

A. the land, plants, and trees

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