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Kids - Adventure with God

God Provides Food (Preschool) - Week 2

March 6-7, 2021 |

This four-week series looks at the ancient Israelites’ adventure with God through the exodus. In the good and the bad, God was always with them. Because of that, in all of our adventures with him, we don’t need to worry! God is with us.

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Bible verse

Story activity


  1. What artifact did Dr. Shovelle and Marv find today, and what did the artifact have to do with the story? (A jar; the Israelites used it to collect the food and water God provided.)
  2. How did God feed the Israelites in the desert? (In the evening God sent quail. In the morning he sent manna. Moses hit a rock and water came out.)
  3. The Israelite people complained but God still took care of them. When was a time you complained about something even though you knew God was taking care of you? (Take responses. Examples: complaining about taking medicine but God used the medicine to heal you, complaining about eating vegetables but God used the vegetables to make you strong, etc...)
  4. Our Bible verse this month is “Don’t worry, because I am with you,” Isaiah 41:10. What does it mean to worry? (Take responses.)
  5. Can we trust that God will take care of us? (yes)



Q. How did God feed the Israelites in the desert?
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