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Kids - God Said It

God Speaks to Noah - Week 1

July 4-5, 2020 |

Preschoolers will hear four stories from the Old Testament about how God spoke to people through promises and dreams. Kids will learn that if God said it, it came true.



“Every word of God is true,” Proverbs 30:5a.

Story activity

Do you want to build your ark like Noah? You can! Get an adult or older family member to print off enough of the following page for you and your family and friends. Cut out Noah's ark and build your ark with tape based on the numbers on the different parts of the ship. It's so cool! But watch out for water; it may not float like Noah's ark...


What did God tell Noah to build? (an ark)

Did God keep Noah and the animals safe? (Yes.)

What Bible words did we learn today? Every word … (Every word of God is true.)



Q. What did God tell Noah to build?

A. An ark

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