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Kids - God Does Great Things

God Stops a River for Joshua - Week 2

September 12-13, 2020 |

In this four-week video series, Awesome Ollie attempts fun magic tricks but can only successfully do a few. Through Bible stories, Ollie learns about great things God has done - no magic necessary.

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Story activity

 For today, head on outside and find a rock. With your family's permission, take that rock and bring it indoors for decorating. This stone, just like the stones in our story, is a reminder that God is strong and he is always with us. So color the rock, write "Strong" or "Joshua 1:9" on it and make it look amazing. Then place it somewhere in your house to remember God's strength. 


  1. What was the name of the man who told the story today? (Joshua)
  2. What great thing did God do in the story today? (He stopped the river so people could walk across it.)
  3. Who does great things? (God)


Who does great things?

A. God

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