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Saturday: 5 PM
9 & 11 AM

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Kids - Spooky Weekend with Brenna and Dillon

Identity (Elementary) - Week 3

October 17-18, 2020 |

This five-part series (focusing on the Holy Spirit) will teach kids life lessons about change, questioning, identity, fear, and community all through the fun lens of fall and the things that are a part of this season.

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Story activity

 God's word tells us who we are. He's our father and he knows us best, so we can trust what he says about us! The following picture has a list of Bible verses that help us remember what God says about us. Read through these verses and keep this amazing photo for when you need help remembering who you are. 


  1. What happened to Saul on the road to Damascus? (Jesus met Saul through a bright light.)
  2. How did God change Saul to Paul? (God changed Saul's heart to follow God and love him.)
  3. What does it mean to listen to who God says we are? (Take responses)
  4. Who does God say we are? (Take responses. Encourage the kids to look at the hand out that lists some ideas, like important, protected, chosen, forgiven and free, etc.)


Who does God say you are?
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