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Kids - Easter with Mac & Cheez

Jesus Calls Peter (Preschool) - Week 1

March 13-14, 2021 |

This four-week video series leading up to Easter will look at stories of Jesus through the lens of Peter. Kids will learn about what it means to be a disciple, and how they can follow Jesus.

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Bible verse

Story activity - SMALL GROUPS @ HOME!


  1. What would you have done if you were on the boat with Peter when he caught all those fish? (Take responses.)
  2. What did Jesus mean when he told Peter he would no longer fish for fish, but fish for people? (Discuss. Jesus invited Peter to follow him, and he would now teach other people how to follow Jesus, too.)
  3. What do you think Peter felt when Jesus asked him to follow him? (Take responses.)



Q. What does being a disciple mean?

A. Following Jesus

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