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Look Like Jesus

Jesus LOOKS at a Sick Woman and Heals Her - Week 2

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Real-life scenarios, and stories of Jesus seeing people with love, will show kids how to LOOK like Jesus. This four-week video series plays out what can happen when we try to see people through the eyes of Jesus. It’s the only way we can love everyone, no matter what!



“My command is this: love each other as I have loved you,” John 15:12.


  1. When we LOOK like Jesus does, we see things better and more loving. How did the brother in the video change when he LOOKed like Jesus? (He let his little sister play with him and his friends.)
  2. What do you think people in the crowd thought when they saw Jesus heal the woman who had been sick for 12 years? (Discuss. They were probably amazed!)
  3. Jesus LOOKed at the woman with love. What are some things you could do that shows you are loving people like Jesus? (Discuss. Examples: be kind, help one another, share toys, include friends when playing)
  4. Describe your imaginary Jesus glasses. (Discuss.)

Read: Mark 5:25-34, Luke 8:40-48

For 12 years this woman suffered constant bleeding, a disease that wiped her clean financially and alienated her culturally. But then she heard about Jesus and his reputation and ability to heal. The woman, despite the weight of her shame and uncleanliness, dragged herself toward Jesus. She hoped to fly under the radar, but Jesus knew he had been touched. Instead of ignoring what happened, he insisted on knowing who touched him. Why? Jesus cared about her. He wanted to see her and to know her. Jesus is always all about relationship with us. That’s why he came. Jesus encouraged and validated the strength and authenticity of the woman's faith, and he gave her more than just physical healing. He gave her peace.

This woman’s approach to Jesus is like so many of ours. We are desperate but determined. We are sure, but wavering—believing, but timid. The emotional and physical strength it took to leave her house must've been staggering, but we can relate, can't we? Thankfully, all Jesus needs from us is exactly what this woman did – to show up in spite of ourselves and believe that he is greater. The woman’s physical healing is a pretty bow on top of her story, and it could be easy to assume that great faith automatically correlates to great healing and no pain or problems in our lives. But we know that isn't true. We know it isn't true because we don't see it play out in our own lives, and we also know it isn't true because Jesus, who had perfect faith, still had to suffer immensely and die on a cross to save us.

So what are we supposed to learn from this story? Perhaps it's that the object of our faith is much more important than the outcomes it may or may not produce. No doctors, no medicines, and no amount of time or money had saved this woman, and she knew she needed to put her faith in something, someone, greater. Putting our faith in Jesus doesn't guarantee our physical healing, but it does secure our peace (John 14:27). And we can be confident that in our time of greatest need, his grace and mercy are ours for the taking (Hebrews 4:16).

Jesus told this woman that her faith healed her.

In what ways have you seen your faith in Jesus heal broken parts of your life?

Where in your life might you need greater faith, or where might you need to accept the peace?



What does it mean to LOOK like Jesus?


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