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Kids - Special Ingredient

Jesus Loves the Woman at the Well - Week 2

February 8-9, 2020 |

In this four-part series, kids will watch a fun, French-style cooking show where each recipe calls for a special ingredient that makes the dish possible. Through stories of Jesus, kids will see that God’s love is our “special ingredient,” and because of it, we can do things that might seem impossible. Because God loves us so much, enough to send us Jesus, we can respond by loving others as he does, even when it might be hard.



Jesus Loves the Woman Caught Sinning, John 8:1-11

  1. Were Jewish people supposed to like Samaritans? What would most Jewish people do when they had to travel past Samaria? (No. They thought they were bad for following God differently. They would take the long way around Samaria so they didn’t have to see the Samaritans.)
  2. Did Jesus and his friends take the long way around, or did they travel through Samaria? (They traveled through Samaria.)
  3. Who did Jesus encounter at the well, and what happened? (He met a Samaritan woman and asked her for a drink. Even though she had a messy and embarrassing story, he loved her.)
  4. Why do you think Jesus was able to love the woman even though he wasn’t necessarily supposed to? (Take responses. Sample answers: Jesus was God, Jesus had God’s love, Jesus loves everyone no matter what.)
  5. Will you share a time where you loved someone, even when it was hard? (Discuss.)

Read: John 4:1-26

Jesus knew the parts of this woman that were hiding in the shadows. He knew about her five ex-husbands and the man she had who was not her husband. He knew her sadness, and in grace and truth, he invited her to bring it to the light.

Jesus led this woman towards truth, but he also let her discover it. He let her ask him questions until she realized that Jesus already knew her. Then she understood that he was the Messiah she had heard so much about. The One who was coming to rescue was all of a sudden right there in front of her, talking with her. “I who speak to you am he,” John 4:26.

This woman was pulled by Jesus’ voice of truth and she let it shatter her shame. She accepted the life and freedom that Jesus offered, and then she ran off and told her whole town. John 4:39 tells us that “many Samaritans from that town believed in Jesus that day because of the woman’s testimony.” Her story was powerful.

We all have painful and broken pieces of our lives. The story of this woman and the day she met Jesus teaches us that we have a choice to make about what to do with our brokenness. We can reject Jesus and his truth, because shining light on our darkness is uncomfortable and painful. Or, like the woman in this story, we can allow Jesus to shine the light of truth and then cover us with grace. And when we do that, the power our brokenness once held over us is transformed into power that brings other people the Good News of Jesus.

Was there a time in your life when you felt truth pull you towards something better? Maybe you had to make a difficult decision or turn away from something that wasn’t good. How did you respond?

Because of what Jesus has done for us we believe the most loving thing we can do for others is to go to them and invite them to come and see who Jesus is and what he has done for them. Do you share your story? Do you believe your story has power? Do you believe God can use your story to show others his goodness and mercy?

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Q. Who will you show love to this week, even if it's hard?
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