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Kids - Who's That?

Jesus Raises a Man from the Dead - Week 2

January 9-10, 2021 |

How do you figure out who someone is? You look at what they do! This four-week series explores people’s first-hand experiences with Jesus as he makes things right, forgives, and heals. Their stories show kids that Jesus really is the Messiah – our Savior – and that by believing in him we can have a whole new life.   

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Story activity


  1. Why was the woman so sad? (Her husband and her only son died. She had nobody left to care for her.)
  2. What did Jesus do when he saw the woman? (He brought her son back to life.)
  3. What would you do if you were there at that funeral? (Take responses.)
  4. Will you share a time where Jesus comforted you when you were sad? (Give an example, then discuss. If kids ask why Jesus doesn’t bring everyone back to life, remind them that he knows everyone’s hearts and knows what’s best. He can always comfort us.)


Q. How did Jesus show who he was to the widow?
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