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Kids - Solving Easter

Jesus Rides a Donkey - Week 1

March 21-22, 2020 |

In this four-part Easter series, kids follow Detective Dexter Jones who solves the case of Easter. “Dex” finds clues that lead him to see that Jesus was the savior of the world, and that is something worth celebrating.



"God sent his son ... to save the world through him," John 3:17.

Story activity

  1. Why did Jesus ride in on a donkey? (to show humility)
  2. Why were people excited to see Jesus coming to Jerusalem? (They thought he would be their new king; the one coming to save the world!)
  3. What did they shout when they saw Jesus and what did it mean? (Hosanna! Save us!)
  4. Who is Jesus? (the savior of the world, God’s son, the savior who was promised)
  5. Why do we celebrate Easter? (because Jesus is the savior of the world; Jesus saved us)




Q. Who was Jesus?
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