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Jesus Rides a Donkey, Week 2

04/8/2022 | By Kids Ministry

Series description

Jesus is the one friend that not only wants to be our friend forever, but He can actually keep up His end of the promise. And, He went through a lot to make it possible. That’s why, this month, we are sharing the Good News with preschoolers that Jesus wants to be our friend forever. Your friend, their friend, my friend, everyone’s friend forever!

The best things that go together are my friend Jesus, and me. And nothing, not even death, can come between us and His promise, because we go together forever and ever.

Friend around the world: America's Kids Belong - https://americaskidsbelong.org/

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Bible verse

“I (Jesus) am with you always,” Matthew 28:20, NIV


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Q.Who wants to be your friend forever? A. Jesus.

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