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Kids - Solving Easter (November)

Jesus Rises Again (Elementary) - Week 4

November 28-29, 2020 |

In this four-part Easter series, kids follow Detective Dexter Jones who solves the case of Easter. “Dex” finds clues that lead him to see that Jesus was the savior of the world, and that is something worth celebrating.

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Story activity


  1. Does anybody have this month’s Bible verse memorized? (Take responses. “God sent his son to save the world through him,” John 3:17.)

      This verse shows us how much God loves us. Let’s start designing our WordCraft while we continue talking. (Pass out the supplies and facilitate the discussion as they design their WordCraft. Here are some prompts.)


      1. Why do we celebrate Easter even though it happened a long time ago? (Discuss.)
      2. How does the story of Jesus coming back to life make you feel? (Discuss.)
      3. What does Easter have to do with Christmas? (Christmas is when Jesus was born, and Easter is when his promise to save us all was fulfilled)
      4. What does it mean that we can be friends with him forever? (Discuss.)


    Q. Why do we celebrate Easter?
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