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Kids - Super Friends Squad

Jonathan Helps David - Week 4

September 28-29, 2019 |

Super Friend Angie will share stories about four different Bible characters who were super friends because they helped others. Preschoolers will see that they can be super friends who help others, too.



“Help each other with your troubles,” Galatians 6:2.


Who was a super friend in the story today? (Jonathan)
What made Prince Jonathan a super friend? (He helped David get away from the mad king.)
What is one way you can be a super friend? (Have each kid respond.)


Read: 2 Samuel 18-20

David killed a giant when he was just a teenager. So, obviously, he became a popular hero. The king invited him to live in the palace and there he became friends with Saul’s son Jonathan. But the king could only take so much of the young hero until he became jealous. Soon, Saul’s jealousy turned to rage.

Ironically, Jonathan was not jealous at all. Even though it was his rightful place as Saul’s first son to be the next king, Jonathan knew that David was God’s chosen one for Israel. He admired David like everyone else. The Bible says Jonathan loved David like his own soul.

Jonathan chose loyalty to David over loyalty to his own family – because God’s plan was bigger and because his father’s intentions to kill David were evil. This wasn’t the safe choice. It was the brave choice, and it saved David’s life.

In 1 Samuel 20, after Jonathan saved David’s life, the two men cried together, knowing this would be the last time they would see each other. Separation was the only way to keep David alive, but it was a difficult moment for these friends. This story reveals the painful truth that sometimes the hard choice is still the right one to make.

Think about your closest friendships. What would you do to save your friends’ lives? Would you tell them about Jesus?

When things are going well with your friends, can you celebrate with them genuinely and without jealousy? What about if you are the one who deserves success?

Thank Jesus for giving you the strength to be a good friend, and ask him to help make you an even better one.


Q. How was Jonathan a super friend?

A. He helped keep David safe.

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