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Joseph Goes to Jail for Nothing - Week 2

August 17-18, 2021 |

This four-part, video series shows kids how Joseph had faith that God would use him for something great. Through years of hardship, Joseph remembered his dreams, and believed God had a plan. Kids will see that we can have faith in God too.

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Bible verse


Story activity - SMALL GROUPS @ HOME!




  1. Who did Joseph work for when he was a slave? (Potiphar)
  2. Why did Joseph go to prison? (Potiphar’s wife lied about what he did.)
  3. Did Joseph do the right thing and still get in trouble? (Yes.)
  4. What did Joseph still believe even though he was in prison? (God had a plan for him to be a leader.)
  5. Who can say our memory verse out loud? Let’s say it together once: (“… faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see,” Hebrews 11:1.)


Q. How can you do what’s right, even if it’s hard?
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