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Kids - Diggin' Dottie and the Mysterious Dreams

Joseph Goes to Jail - Week 2

August 10-11, 2019 |

In this four-week video series, Diggin’ Dottie digs up clues to find out if God is always with us. Kids will hear how God was always with Joseph and God is always with them, too.



“I am with you always, even until the end of the world,” Matthew 28:20.


Where did Joseph go in our story? (to jail)

Who did Joseph meet in jail? (the king's baker and waiter)

Who was always with Joseph, and who is always with us? (God)


Read: Genesis 39
It can be easy to believe the lie that if we follow God and do what he says is best, then our lives will be easy. But Joseph’s story teaches us something uncomfortably different. Sometimes, even when we do exactly what God has told us to do, we still get hurt and into trouble.

Potiphar’s wife became very interested in starting a romantic relationship with Joseph. He refused and refused. Then, finally one day everything came to a head when Potiphar’s wife became so forceful that she pulled off Joseph’s shirt as he was trying to run away from her. She then went to her husband, played victim, and got Joseph thrown into jail. At times in our lives we can relate to both Potiphar’s wife and to Joseph. We’ve all been the manipulator, and we’ve all been the innocent wrongly accused. Joseph literally ran away from temptation and sin, and he was still thrown into prison.

So if we know that sometimes, despite doing the right things our lives will be hard and painful, why do we follow God? What is the point? Are we doing good as some kind of transaction with God to get what we want in the end? Or is there actually more to following and doing what God says is right and true?

God loves us. He is after relationship with us. In any other relationship, we try to do things to benefit the other person because we love them. Why think of God any differently? We listen to God not so that we can have bargaining rights, but so that we can work on building a relationship with him. If we are constantly doing things he says not to or not doing what he says to do, he will forgive us, but in the end our relationship with him suffers.

God took all that happened to Joseph and eventually blessed him in big ways. But Joseph had no way of knowing if or when those blessings would come. He had to be willing to follow God even when things got really hard. Joseph chose to believe that God wanted what was best for him. And we have that same choice ahead of us.

How can you continue to make your relationship with God stronger?

What are areas that you need God’s help to run away from temptation?

Do you trust that God’s intentions towards you are good?


Q. What happened to Joseph in today's story?

A. He was put in jail.

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