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Saturday: 5 PM
9 & 11 AM

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Kids - Strong

Joshua and Jericho - Wk. 3

September 19-20, 2020 |

This four-part series explores how God’s people were strong and courageous – not from their own strength but God’s. They came into the Promised Land, believing he would be with them. God makes the same promise to be with us, too, which gives us the courage we need to be strong.

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Story activity

You've played "Simon Says," right? Now it's time for "Joshua Says!" Invite your friends and family to play "Simon Says," but instead make sure to say "Joshua Says." Take turns being Joshua and one of the followers. Imagine and instruct your group to do some crazy gestures and actions. Have fun!


  1. What was your favorite part of the story? (Take responses.)
  2. Did the Israelites need big weapons to take over Jericho? What did they need? (No. They needed a horn, their feet, and trust that God was with them.)
  3. What would you have thought if you were an Israelite soldier and Joshua told you all you had to do was march around the city and someone would blow a horn? (Take responses.)
  4. I bet during the first six days the Israelites weren’t sure what was going on. But God had a plan to take down the wall. Has there ever been a time in your life when you weren’t sure what God was doing? (Take responses, giving an example if need be. Share a time where you were sad to move houses, live during the Coronavirus pandemic, or there were changes in your family.)
  5. How can we remember God is always with us? (Take responses. Examples: memorize our memory verse, talk to God often, think back to times we see that he was with us.)


Q. How did the Israelites take Jericho?
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