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Kids - Strong

Joshua Leads Israel Over the Jordan River - Week 2

September 12-13, 2020 |

This four-part series explores how God’s people were strong and courageous – not from their own strength but God’s. They came into the Promised Land, believing he would be with them. God makes the same promise to be with us, too, which gives us the courage we need to be strong.

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Story activity

For today, head on outside and find a rock. With your family's permission, take that rock and bring it indoors for decorating. This stone, just like the stones in our story, is a reminder that God is strong and he is always with us. So color the rock, write "Strong" or "Joshua 1:9" on it and make it look amazing. Then place it somewhere in your house to remember God's strength. 


  1. What was your favorite part of the story? (Take responses.)
  2. Who did God choose to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land? (Joshua)
  3. What problem was in the way of the Israelites getting to the Promised Land? (The Jordan River.)
  4. How did they cross? (God made a path through the water and the Israelites crossed on dry ground.)
  5. Why did Joshua tell the Israelites to make a pile of rocks from the river? (As a reminder that God was with them and he would help them.)
  6. Will you share a time when, either you wished you remembered, you did remember, or you hope to remember that God is always with you? (Take responses, giving an example if need be. Share a time when you were or were not strong and courageous, or share something coming up you want to be strong and courageous for.)


Q. What did the Israelites do to remember God was with them?
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