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Kids Wanna Know - What Should I Do When I'm Scared?

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Kids will see how our fears and worries can distract us from trusting God. They’ll hear the Bible story of Jesus and Peter walking on water and see that keeping our eyes on Jesus is the best way to live.



“Keep your eyes on Jesus,” Hebrews 12:2a.

Story activity

Just like Zach and Coda, you can find items around your home that represent what happens to our fear when we keep our eyes on Jesus.

Check out the instructions below on a fun activity that you can do with your family using common kitchen items! 


Group Q&A

  1. Why did Peter start to sink? (He took his eyes off of Jesus.)
  2. Did Jesus take care of him? What did he say to him? (Yes. He asked Peter why he doubted him.)
  3. Do you ever doubt God that he will take care of you? (Discuss.)
  4. God tells us not to be scared. What happens when scared thoughts take over our brains? (God’s truth that he is with us and will take care of us can’t get through.)
  5. Have you ever had scared thoughts take over your brain? What happened? (Let kids respond.)
  6. If we keep our eyes on Jesus, we can remember the good truth about God. What are some ways we can keep our eyes on Jesus? (Discuss. Help with some ideas: pray all the time, read our Bibles, talk about our fears and Jesus with our friends, remember how God has never failed his people before by reading and remembering Bible stories.)


Q. What should you do when you're scared?
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