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King Ahab and the Vineyard - Week 2

November 14, 2021 | By Kids Ministry

Everything we have comes from God. He is faithful to provide what we need. And even more than what we own, God can also provide what we need to face whatever happens in our life. God has proven time and time again that we can trust him no matter what, no matter where.

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Bible verse

weekly cues - activities at home!



  1. Who was in our story today? (Ahab, Jezebel, Naboth)
  2. What happened in our story? (Help the kids recap)
  3. What happened when Ahab focused on what he couldn’t have? (He was discontent and did whatever he could to get what he wanted.)
  4. Why is it hard to be content when you really want something? (Discuss)
  5. Why is it good to be content? (Discuss)



Q. What happens when we aren't content?

A. We want more and don’t appreciate what we have which can make us miserable. 

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