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Matthew - Week 2

October 10, 2021 | By Kids Ministry

God is one of a kind, with no beginning and no end. Everything God has created is unique and one of a kind, including people created in God’s image. Every person is an original reflection of God in how they love, care for others, imagine, create, and solve problems.

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  1. How does knowing who God says we are change how we see ourselves? (Discuss; his opinion is the only one that matters even though there are plenty of other things that tell us how to feel.)
  2. What was Matthew’s job before he started following Jesus? Why didn’t people like him? (a tax collector; tax collectors were not usually nice people, they often stole from people.)
  3. Why did Jesus say he liked to hang out with sinners and tax collectors? (Discuss; He loves them, all people, and wants to help them get better.)
  4. Do you think it was tough for Matthew to choose to follow Jesus? (Discuss)
  5. Why do you think he chose to follow Jesus? (Discuss)


Q. Who created everyone?

A. God created all of us special and unique.

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