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On the Couch - Week 4

June 27, 2020 | By Student Ministry

In Star Wars both the good guys and the bad guys are guided by the “force”. Sometimes the “force” leads to good things or bad things. This week we ask: What are you letting guide your mind? Are we letting our desires guided our mind or God? Then we show you away that you can start letting God guide your mind.

Try it Out using Romans 8:5-6

Step 1: Read the Verse 3 Times

Step 2: What sticks out to you?

Step 3: Read the part that sticks out to you again.

Step 4: Pray and ask God to show you something about yourself and him. 

Middle School

  1. What did you like about doing this?
  2. What do you think God taught you?
  3. How can you remember what God taught you? 

High School

  1. How did trying that out go?
  2. Did God teach you anything about yourself or him?
  3. How can you take what God taught you and use it in your life?
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