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Kids - Bawb Learns to Love

Preschool: Jesus Heals a Man with Leprosy

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Bawb learns to love—even when it’s hard to do. Through this four-part series, preschoolers will see that Jesus wants us to love each other no matter what.




“Love each other,” John 15:12.


Did Jesus love the man with leprosy? (Yes.)

What did Jesus do to the man? (He healed him.)

What does Jesus want us to do? (Love each other.)


Read: Matthew 8:1-4, Luke 5:12-14

The words Jesus used to heal the man in this story are important. He said, “be clean.” He did NOT say, “make yourself clean,” or “I am making you clean.” It’s like Jesus was trying to say that being clean was always an option for the man, he just needed to BE clean.

We can also hear the voice of the Creator in Jesus’ pronouncement for something to just BE. Just like he spoke the entire world into being, (John 1:1-3) he spoke healing to this man’s body. With just his words Jesus changed the man’s life.

Could the words of Jesus change our own lives? They can and they do. But we also make our own choices. Yes, Jesus will heal us in physical ways, but also in spiritual and emotional areas of our lives. But we need to accept that healing and BE clean. We can’t let the past define us.

So what does it look like on a day-to-day basis to BE clean? The first step is to accept that Jesus WILL heal us. If God is capable of so much, like the healing in the story, trusting in him to heal us is important and necessary to BE clean. We have to trust God to carry us through the inevitable storms of life so that the sin and shame that seem to run our lives can be continually washed clean. We have to learn to BE clean. God gives us the tools to stop being a slave to sin, it’s up to us to make the conscious choice to accept Jesus’ healing.

What happens after that? Well, after Jesus healed the man in the story, he told him not to tell anyone what he did. It is clear here that Jesus wasn’t healing this man to show off or prove his worth, but so that the man could be forever changed. God has the power to heal, and we have the power to choose to be healed. God doesn’t change us for show, he changes and forgives us because he loves us, and he wants to see us BE clean.

In what part of your life do you need healing physically or in other ways?

In what areas of your life has God healed you but you still have a hard time living healed?


Q. How did Jesus help the sick man ?

A. He healed him

Q. Who does Jesus want us to love?

A. Each other

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