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Kids - Kid Jesus

PRESCHOOL - Jesus Moves to Egypt - Week 3

January 19-20, 2019 |

Kid Jesus is a four-week video series of Bible stories about Jesus as a kid. Pirate Patty needs help finding a treasure box full of clues from stories that reveal how even as a young boy, Jesus was extra-special.


Where did Jesus have to move to be safe?


Bottom Line

Jesus is extra-special!



Who came to visit Joseph in a dream? (an angel)

Where did the angel tell Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus to move? (Egypt)

Who is extra-special? (Jesus is extra-special.)


Read: Matthew 2:13-23

This wasn’t the first time Joseph heard shocking news and instructions from an angel. An angel told him not to leave his fiancée Mary. Joseph wanted to quietly divorce her when he found out she was pregnant. Instead, Joseph chose to be the earthly father of the Son of God. And despite the judgement and inconveniences he faced, he trusted and obeyed.

The next piece of news from an angel wasn’t any easier to digest. He warned Joseph that Jesus was in danger and commanded him to move his family to Egypt as fast as possible. This time, Joseph’s obedience led to the protection and provision for his family and fulfilled a prophecy from the Old Testament that foretold how Jesus would come out of Egypt.

These stories show obedience as a pattern for Joseph. There was always a cost, whether to his comfort, his reputation or his own plans, but he chose to trust God’s intentions and obey him fully. We may never know the effects of our obedience on the lives of others, but we can know that God’s intentions for us are for our protection and for our good. Because of that we can obey him fully, too.

Has there been a time in your life where you obeyed God and later realized the effects your obedience had on your life or someone else’s?

Do you trust God’s intentions for you are good, even when choosing obedience means you have to sacrifice something?

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