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Kids - Bawb Learns to Love

Preschool: Jesus Talks to a Woman at a Well

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Bawb learns to love—even when it’s hard to do. Through this four-part series, preschoolers will see that Jesus wants us to love each other no matter what.



“Love each other,” John 15:12.


Why was the woman in the story sad and all alone? (She had made lots of bad choices.)
Did Jesus still love her? (Yes.)

What does Jesus want us to do? (Love each other.)


Read: John 4:1-39

Jesus knew the parts of this woman that were hiding in the shadows. He knew about her five ex-husbands and the man back in her bed who was not her husband. He knew her darkness, and in grace and truth, he invited her to bring it to the light.

Jesus was intentional in his conversation with this woman. He was gentle and firm, leading her towards truth, but also letting her discover the truth on her own. He let her ask him more questions. She got to know him, and she soon realized that Jesus already knew her. She understood that he must’ve been the Messiah she had heard so much about. The One who was coming to rescue was all of a sudden right there; talking with her. “I who speak to you am he,” John 4:26.

Interacting with Jesus and listening to his truth changed this woman. It shattered her shame. She accepted the life and freedom that Jesus offered her, and then she ran off to tell the whole town about the goodness and truth she met in Jesus. John 4:39 tells us that “many Samaritans from that town believed in Jesus that day because of the woman’s testimony.” Her story was powerful.

This story reminds us that the painful, broken, and most shameful pieces of our lives are powerful statements of Jesus’ love for us when we allow him to bring them to light with his truth and then change us with his grace.

Is there a time in your life when you felt truth pull you towards something better? Maybe you had to make a difficult decision or turn away from something that wasn’t good. How did you respond?

Sharing our story and inviting people to see what Jesus is really like is called evangelism. Do you share your story? Do you believe your story has power? Do you tell others what Jesus is really like?



Q. What made the woman at the well happy?

A. Jesus talked to her.

Q. Who does Jesus want us to love?

A. Each other

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